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"...getting you to a place where you are good to go so you can go next door and to Timbuktu - and live out the life of Jesus so that others can see what He looks like and choose to respond and look like Him..."

Equipping People, To Disciple Nations, One Life At A Time.

Sunday Service

1:40 PM

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Equipping People, To Disciple Nations, One Life At A Time.

Sermon Notes

Our Calling

The primary purpose of Jesus Christ on earth was to reveal the Father.

When people came to Jesus and said “Show us the Father”, his response was straightforward. He said ‘if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father’.That is the primary purpose of Acts 29 – to prepare a people who will reveal the Father – through lives that can say ‘Look at my marriage, my business, my home, my finances, my work….and in looking at my life, you will see the Father’. We exist for one reason only – to advance the rule and reign of Jesus Christ – and to serve and display the nature of the King.

To this end, Acts 29 is called to equip people, to disciple nations, one life at a time.

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6075 Inverness Street, Vancouver BC (Inverness St and 45th)