Romans 11:16 – if the first batch of dough is holy, the rest will be holy

Sometimes one just has to release what God is saying for a small church and it will affect the global Church.

Next 40 days, will poise the church for a new beginning in terms of the role of the church on earth. Threshold point  where as in Genesis 8, where Noah sent out a raven then sends out a dove comes back with a leaf.

Once these 40 days are over, as the waters dry up and land appears, the church must be ready. We are coming to the point where the world will relaunch itself. Post- pandemic church that has to rise up.

Significance of 40 days & 40 nights throughout the Bible.

Mathew 4:1 on wards Jesus spent 40 days & 40 nights in the wilderness.

Mathew 4:1-11 Comparing the life of the church at this present time to the time Jesus spent in the wilderness. This is something that the Spirit of God wants the church to know.

Days like Jesus spent in the wilderness. We are not wandering, sentenced to or fleeing to the wilderness. We are being led to the wilderness.

Poise ourselves coz God is bringing things to a new launch. Look at what is happening, collate & analyse.

Once we know the seasons & times, we can

Learn to steward God’s future agenda. Beginning of the end is coming,how should the church position itself so that the world systems do not run or dictate how the world will look after.

When there is a vacuum,either God fills it or devil fills it. If God has to fill it, he always looks for a people to fill the vacuum.

Next 40 days, calling a holy convocation- idea of an assembly,summoning the leaders of the church and let us fast and be fed,let us serve at His convenience,let us study and make every thing according to the pattern He prescribes so that God can easily discharge His commands through the faithful ones.Fasting is not so that show God how humble we are,but it is times of separation so that we can intensely focus on God things and so that we may wear sack cloth and weep for the church,the world and others. Engage in supplication prayers.

 Exodus 25:40 – God show us the church, because you are relaunching the bride. We may never see on this side of the earth, the effect of our work, toil, declaration. We may never see the spiritual battles  and results  of it. But we know what happened during that time. Some of the things that a little people in  a little church have impact. I am a majority with God.

Be encouraged in your heart that God is alive and He is working.