We must return from the wilderness steeped in the CULTURE of son ship. Not just being sons. A COLLECTIVE way of thinking, speaking,response.

In the wilderness, the Devil tried to sabotage son ship.Twice!-Luke 4:3,Luke 4:9. Son ship is challenged in the wilderness.

Israel came out of the wilderness as orphans.

Jesus came out more a son than ever before.

When did son ship begin? Ephesians 1:4,5 Long ago He decided to adopt us into His family through Jesus Christ. Son ship began before the earth was founded.

Day is coming when like Adam we will experience the full status of son ship. Luke 3:37 Adam was the son of God.

Romans 8:23 TPT – we’re already experiencing what it’s like to be sons and daughters. But a time is coming when we will experience this in our bodies too.

Press toward this.

If heaven is where the Father is, then son ship pulls heaven down. You can do it thru prayer, worship, warfare. Presence of the Father is pulled down through sheer son ship.

Even in Eden, Genesis 3:8 A&E heard the sound of God. Genesis 1-12-we see the pattern for the earth. Every evening God would come down, because He wanted to meet with His son.

They hear the sound of God through your life. When they come with a sickness, your mere shadow heals them. They come with hearts that are hurt and decaying and they leave with life and hope. They come with fear and questions, and they leave with fear sun done and answers to their problems. You hear from earth to heaven.

Son ship is real time intimacy and one anothering with God. It’s not prayer time or before I sleep type of intimacy. Every moment,every hour,every breath. In your language with God,you get mixed up.

Wondering if God is speaking the same good things about you.

What happens if you give it up? Adam gave up son ship. If you give it up, you acquire orphan hood. There is NO middle ground.

If son ship isn’t active then it becomes stagnant. Stagnant son ship will always to lead to orphan hood.

Enemy’s scheme or strategy was always to separate the son from the Father.

All fear, all doubt, all suspicion that I have of God is spawned by a diseased or a mis shapened view of the Father. Better to go to the word to get an accurate pie of the Father before going for a promise or promises.

What should the culture of son ship look like?

1. Root your lineage and your heritage in the Father – make the family that you come from, parents you belong to,clan you’re

from and raised in-make that secondary. That is where son ship starts. In terms of denomination, country, creed, clan. Psalm 80:J 5-J 7. I am the root of the stock that His right hand has planted. I don’t want to belong to any other! Your lineage-Always secondary to what the Father says. Be rooted in the lineage of the Father. Many of the things that are hereditary, will now disappear.

2. You are committed to the Father’s business – Luke 2:49 -Make Disciples » Multiply churches. Use your vocation, job, money, your wealth, your possessions towards the one common end of -MDMC. The Father can only reveal His body thru the Son.

3.You surrender the right to self determination – critical in the culture of sons hip. It’s what the church has not learnt. Church has learnt the culture of Servant can change masters, a Son can’t change his Father,he can only be an orphan. Therefore a servant is far more appealing. Matthew 16:24 MSG. It is when you want what your will does not want!Spouses want what their wills don’t want. because they love their partner way too much.

Luke 14:33. Jesus IS NOT saying or asking to take away what is dear est to  you.But HAVING given it to you it’s like an Abraham Isaac scenario. So now that you have it, are you willing to lay it down?

The Post covid landscape MUST meet a people like this.

4. You Seek path ways of wisdom and you process life thru the word – as a son you Galatians 4.One of the reasons we fall into diverse temptations is because we don’t use the Word to find pathways of wisdom. Yet we still want times of intimacy with God.How can a man’s ways be pure?By cherishing His word. John 17:8,14 TPT. What shifts our allegiance from the world to Him?-HIS WORD. You just can’t shift this without letting the word renew your mind. But Christians can be neutral about this making them anon essential service.

5.You don’t seek dignity, authority, security, purpose, provision, companionship, or freedom outside of God constantly learning and knowing what was granted in Eden,and NEVER rescinded! Was always supposed to be sought from JUST one. When you seek it out of God, you get a distorted, diluted and perverted version of it. And it then leads to sin. I’m not getting or seeking the dignity or security from the applause of men. My security comes from you. Jesus knew this in John 15:5.

When you seek this outside of God,you’re handing over your power to an institution, to a degree, to a bank account, to things that are temporal. When these temporal things are already provided by the permanent one. We run to other “fathers”.

6. You comprehend the Father’s nature and represent His words and works – a son loves knowing the nature of His father. Something innate in us to know the nature of our Father. If it’s gone, because Satan has been successful in separating us from the Father. Recover it! because the Father is no further than a cry away.

“Just because the copy is defective doesn’t mean the original is” Matthew    11:27.

Represent his words and works. Talk like Him, do like Him. John J 4:J 0-J 1. Representing the Father accurately. Press into this. Press into this. Press into this.

Jesus pressed into this for 30 years.There was His time of learning.

7. As you get to know His nature, you will change – some of us don’t see continuous change because we are not continuously comprehending the nature of the Father. Change is more rapid as the comprehension of the Father is more rapid. Knowledge of the Father doesn’t puff up. Apostolic prayer in Ephesians 1 – length and breadth, height and width of his love and power toward you. When your persona changes, your anointing changes. The anointing that flows through you so weEE because your shape has changed. God doesn’t give you clothes so that they fit you tomorrow! Not for today. God hoped that by seeing Him your neck grows fatter,

your body builds up, so that you fit into the anointing that the HS has for you. So that the way you deal with obstacles is unique! Luke 8:24 how Jesus dealt with the wind and the waves – very unique , Acts 28:5 how Paul dealt with a snake that has bitten him -unique.

You cannot grow at the pace that you determine. You cannot grow at your own pace. There is a pace that is set for you. It’s different for different people.

8.Culture of son ship Has generational Promises burst on your spiritual retina-He Just keeps showing you more. Generational because it’s not for you but it is meant for someone else through you! Not because a household can have strong sons but so that a household can have strong sons that empty themselves out like their Elder brother. Psalm 48:12-14. Me benefitting is just aside product. I am no longer the object of the church.

Ephesians 3:5.

9. Father begins to endorse you privately, publicly, and through others-Father is very involved in this. It’s never the son’s work alone. It’s the Father working with you. Private and public pat on the backs. Publicly God spoke about Jesus, on few occasions. Paul’s life – Jesus conversation with him and then in Acts 9. God will end or see your life. Sometimes  faith needs to be validated. More you will be able to receive it more you will be able to give it. God acknowledges us sometimes directly and sometimes through people.

Grace always flows THROUGH kindness. Remove kindness from your life or make it an occasional path way and GRACE will not flow. Epesians 2:7.

10.You usher in the Father’s government and His peace and in the process subdue the enemy – Psalms 127 – God finding a quiver full of sons. Isaiah 9:7, Isaiah 22:22. Culture of son ship learns how to cause God’s rule to enter situations here on earth in individuals, in cities, in nations. Because your Father is King. There’s a combination Of “It is well” and Rest-Jesus on the boat.

11. You don’t shrink from discipline – because you know it accelerates your fruitfulness. Hebrews  12:5-8,11 TPT. Mistake – Avoid people who corrects you. Because you cannot go through the pain of being corrected. There is no “trying” in Christendom , it’s always “training”. Best way to avoid it is by avoiding people who bring discipline into your life.

12.You yearn for the maturity of other sons – important for you to be one with others on sand daughters. Not on a Friday Ephesians 4:15.

13. When it comes to Son ship-Ask, then receive, then cultivate, then contend (because there will be opposition ) – for Your inheritance. Jesus did this. Do the above in time frames. Has to be with in allotted time frames Ephesians.

Joshua 1 4:12- Caleb- land given 40 years ago – contending for his land. He wanted his inheritance and took care of the giants.