Psalm 8:2 TPT – childlike worship. Luke 7:47-extravagant love cuz you’ve been forgiven much.

Combine the above-you get the kind of worship that God enjoys.

Starting point for all confidence is – Majesty. We are following the HS into the wilderness preparing for the soon coming post covid world.

Plan is to draw aside-(means different things to different people)-our INTENT is that we become Spirit dependent and locate the HS.

Because, truth is learnt through practice and repetition, it’s not thru hearing. Hearing is only the first step.

We come back with the Overwhelming revelation of God. We Return with the power to restore and to seed the earth that awaits us when covid lifts.

There is something called the post covid “landscape”that awaits us. This will only be taken by a church or churches who POSITIONS themselves.

To reiterate,there has never been a time like this – earth at a complete standstill – He doesn’t create sabbaths by creating diseases,by removing          20miII people from the face of the earth.

We either have distorted views of  what is happening     or we are echo chambers of what is happening  voiced by someone else.

Set ourselves up , prepare ourselves for the next 4-5 weeks.

Governed by His Majesty:-

Intent is to get a hang of God’s plan.

How do we get to a place of being governed by the majesty?Can we get to a place where what govern sour life is the majesty of God? We serve at the pleasure of the King.We DO NOT take our cues from the world. We act on the King’s behalf.

World will tell us what cues to follow.Point is not defiance toward the world. But to take orders from the God of heavens . And He ALWAYS speaks thru a people. -flood,

Promise land , before Jesus died, after He died, – always, always, announced His intent. And  Always announced it thru His Body.Always!

Psalm 8 TPT -First Lord-Yahweh(self existent one, unrivaled, undefeated, from whom all things source life), very deliberately used this word. He can bring into non existence sheerly by NOT speaking it! This is a God who sits far beyond this universe we can think of.

We don’t necessarily think so, we miss out on Majesty. Just because we can’t comprehend “Majesty”doesn’t mean we can just ignore Him!

Second mention of Lord-Adonai. So,What is Majesty?

E g:-Song-So Will I (Hill song)-gives us a glimpse of who Majesty is.

What else is Majesty ?

John 13:1-3 – just got a towel around His waist-this Majesty has the ability to wash MY feet. THAT is Majesty! The very same one who speaks a 100 m galaxies, who breathes life.

Zechariah 9:9 – The King riding on a donkey! Could have come in a much better fashion if He wanted to.

Very odd Majesty we have here.

Mark 15:16-20 – this is what Majesty looks like.

Isaiah 6 – this is what Majesty looks like.

More you become aware of it,more you

recognize the length and breadth the King of Kings can do thru you.

Revelations 4:1-10.

Revelations 5:10-how do you just capture this Majesty?

This is a real place. There is a throne. There is the majestic voice(if you and I can listen,will give us the courage which can never be given in any other way)-2 Peter 1:17, Hebrews 8:1.

There i s God the Father and He does dwell on His throne.

It’s not a thundering voice-sometimes a whisper – BUT! You can hear!

God still speaks.

When you enter this place of Majesty, it is only natural! to sing praises. Catch a glimpse of Him BEFORE you sing,BEFORE you speak.

P&W should NEVER be a time where the

worship leader gets them going.

Hebrews 1:3 – but.. this is not the good news. This is the good news – Ephesians 2:6!

This is real access to the throne. There’s a place for me right on the throne. People of God should have this attitude – Heaven toward Earth instead of Earth towards Heaven. We always looking out for crumbs. This kind of church will thrive in a post covid landscape.

Why be governed by Majesty?We Have to be like Christ himself to function on earth-

He was King AND Priest. The Body MUST have the nature of King Priest. That is how Christ walked the earth and that is His expectation of how we walk the earth. This is a demand on us.

Psalm 110:2,4. – David talking to Jesus.

We need to be both KING AND PRIEST.We have to grasp on to this.

Hebrews 7:J – talking about Jesus again. If Jesus is like this, does He demand that of us?

Revelations J:6 – made us King and Priests. Revelations 5:9-11-talking about the Body of Christ-made us to be Kings and Priests. J Peter 2:9 – chosen people – royal priesthood- Holy nation.

He is inviting us to this place.

Also, this was an Old testament idea!

Exodus 19:5-this was said 1000 s of years ago! And He is inviting us. Majesty was what God clothed Adam with!

Hebrews 2:6-8 MSG-Adam was“Eden’s dawn light”.Adam-was God’s deputy,he was supposed to steward the earth on God’s behalf! It’s a Genesis charge.

1 John 3:1-3-we will be changed,we will possess the same glory. You even THINK like this – you will be purified!

How can I be governed by Majesty this week??

If you want to be Governed by ANYTHING, good or bad, by evil, by shame , by confidence , –

First, by Beholding.

Second, by Being.

Both of the above precede DOING.

Most people start with Doing. Once you be hold you become and once you become you Do.

We can start here- Colossians 3:1 MSG- set your mind HERE.

Be DELIBERATE a bout setting your mind above. How? By beginning to Like and Love to set your mind on things above.It’s Intentional and Deliberate. That’s where the action is!

Then,we go onto 2 Peter 1:16-18 -climb the mountain this week.

Climb up the Word.

Father, I want to see you and hear you. Majesty is revealed thru the gospels. Begin to read the gospels or portions of the gospels or a whole book!

2 Corinthians 3:18 -this week’s homework beholding the Majesty.

Whatever you be hold you be come-either to your restoration or to your ruin.Read again.

You then change from shame to shame, fear to fear, struggle to struggle etc. NOT GLORY TO GLORY. In your PAIN, CONFUSION , Struggle, learn to BEHOLD him.

Isaiah.-If You keep beholding your idols you made, you WILL become like them- RESULTS in deafness,dumbness & dullness.                                                                .

Look at Jesus – this is what majesty looks like on earth – Isaiah 53:2 – He had no beauty or majesty in Him – what!!? MAJESTY != Attractiveness

With God, Majesty and meekness is inseparable.      They are two sides of the divine coin.

“Meekness and majesty in perfect harmony, kneels in humility and washes our feet, Lord of infinity stopping so tenderly, lifts our humanity to the heights of eternity…”

Christians choose-we are Kings,Majesty OR Christians choose-we are weak,meek etc.

It’s BOTH!

One is poverty mentality and one is prosperity mentality!Both our extremes.

Mathew 21:5, came on a donkey, But he knows Zechariah 9:9! But in 21:13 he exerts such power,cleansing the temple from extortionists ! He cannot stand a corrupt religion. Take all the prophets,take Jesus, Paul. They could NEVER stand trappings of a religion.

And then In verse 14, He now stoops! To

heal the blind and crippled.

This all powerful God chooses the words of His children as the MEANS of VICTORY.

Psalms 8:1,2 again.

REGARDLESS of whether you’re grownup, mature,or immature. Your spirit man is connected to your vocal cords!

DO NOT allow your culture, spiritual laziness, sluggishness, your shyness etc. prevent you from speaking the Heart of God.

Young generation-speak up!This thing MUST BE carried by you. In times of worship,and ESPECIALLY during not times of worship.

God never breaks protocol when He has to do something. He’s never had a plan B.

Eden is exactly where we will return to.

Christ was slain before the foundations of the Earth. He knows everything before the foundations of time.

Psalms 8:5-8 – talking about man here.

God is planning and He WILL succeed THROUGH His weak and foolish Body(us) to rule the earth.He will not rule through the earth through His angels.

Who brought down powers,Victory in Daniel’s time?-God,but thru Daniel,Who changed the track of nations during Prophets’time?Isaiah,Jeremiah,Ezekiel, who brought the bones in the valley alive?- God,but thru the prophets,

who brought Ephesus toast and still? –

God, but thru Paul!

Again, God brought you into salvation?

THROUGH someone.

Earth is ruled through ordinary people like US.

We see this in Moses’ life. HOLD on to this pattern.

Exodus 3:14-Moses’ encounter.

Then Go through Exodus 4. Moses is haggling with God a bout how He is chosen of all people.

Exodus 5 – Moses’failures.

Exodus 6 – Moses’regrets.

And then there’s Exodus 7:1-Moses will be like God to Pharoah!(Most powerful kingdom,powerful King in the world, btw). And Moses-reluctant,stammering,retired shepherd!Who is sent with words to dismantle the worlds most powerful nation with the worlds most powerful Gods.Was chosen to be like God to Pharoah.

Aaron will be Moses’prophet. This is the nature of what God does.

Why?So that 2 Corinthians 4:7 comes to pass. So that you recognize that it is the incomparable work of God at work.

Israel’s way of encouraging themselves- when they went into battle-ark on their shoulders -ark was a sign o God’s glory and majesty.

1 Samuel 6 -scared Philistines!

Joshua 6:4 ark goes out ahead before the wall of Jericho falls. Baby born to Eli’s daughter in law – Ichabod – “glory of majesty disappears”.

Try and grasp these large panoramic views of Majesty.

1 Samuelv 11-Uriah the Hittite-“how can I enjoy the pleasures of home when the ark of God and my soldiers are out in a tent camped in the battle field?”.Cost him his life.

It always costs to carry the weight of Majesty.

Learn to-Divorce yourself from distractions- 2 Timothy 2:4.

Learn to-Endure-2 Timothy 2:12, and if you do, you will reign with Him. Stay the long course.

Be sure – without complaining, without giving up, without “can I do this later?”,

without saying I can’t feel any thing etc. being able to with stand the pressure.

Ephesians 6.

Learn to – Overcome – you now conquer.

Revelations 3:21

See Jesus in the gospels. This week,Start your prayers with“0 King of Kings“. We will climb up the mountain and be eyewitnesses of your Majesty.

This week,begin the day by Beholding Him who is King of Kings. With songs that declare your Majesty.

In doing this, we will capture glimpses of how awesome this Majesty is. And you will help with the other things to come to pass.

My elder brother is King. Christ is King.I have access to royal courts.