Since Wilderness 40, we followed the Spirit of God into the wilderness. The plan is to return in 40 days and nights very dependent on God clothed with power, ready for a new phase in September.

God will then begin to contour what a post covid landscape looks like on earth. He will also tell us the shape of the earth. Why? He loves us and the earth!

Luke 4:1-Spirit of God led Jesus into the wilderness (yes, the context here for Jesus is his temptation).But We are being led into the wilderness to find and locate the Spirit.

And then,

Luke 4:J 4- we may return in the fullness of the Spirit. Whatever happens post covid NEEDS the fullness of the Spirit. No one has seen a stoppage in the earth the way we have seen the past 4-6 mos.If I choose not to follow Him into the wilderness, I will not be able to locate the Spirit.

– Abundance OF the Spirit is always found by your abandon TO the Spirit.

– Abandon is always directed by our affection! And affection is measured in Time – Time for, Time waiting on, Time moving towards. Not a“ mindless” bored kind of time. E g:-What Mary did was highly applauded by Jesus.

Jesus is inviting us as a church to come to A place of rest where we get DESPERATE enough to discipline our life. Desperation is always shown in discipline!  E g:- Learn more about God – discipline of reading, lose weight-discipline of exercise, clean home-discipline of cleaning periodically.

John 15:10 – keeping your Father’s command. Made my self Home in HIS LOVE.

Remain in my Father’s love. Discipline in the Father’s love. Father-can you set aside time for me? By flipping your affections around? THAT is called discipline.

You be come so conscious of the Spirit of God. His abiding presence becomes your Home.

Abiding presence becomes so much your Home that you be come home sick when you’re away!!

Practice this and it’ll last you your entire life. Worship springs forth without effort! Prayers become out of the will of God!

Abiding presence leads to adoration of the person& adoration leads to the will of that person.

When your potion BECOMES God, the inheritance is just something you inherit out of relationship! When relationship matters, inheritance becomes a by product of the relationship.

But we strive for the inheritance first.

Making us orphans  in our own Father’s house.

H A B I T S we can cultivate over the next 40 days :-

1.Daily invite the HS to rest on you – becoming conscious of him and resting in him-he lives in us yes, but by inviting him, we are consciously asking him to be found in us. Genesis 28 Jacob we don’t want to be that.

Habit done on a daily basis will reap its reward.

After that, protect the treasure that HE is. So that he may remain on you.John 1:32 John the baptist saw the spirit of God descend on him like a dove and it REMAIN ED on him. Galatians 5:25. Walk-in ways that will not grieve him or vex him.

Walk in ways that will thrill his heart. Any collision in my life is a collision that is impacted in his life, because we are one! This is why Jesus said we cannot blaspheme the HS. Gives me access to the very mind of God!

2. Turn your affections to Him at night-we generally use our evenings to “tune down”. Books, Netflix, TV, F B etc. our ways of entering into the night by doing something mindless. Usually packed with nothingness, mindlessness and sometimes danger for some of us. Genesis 1:5.

Turn your affection onto the living God. Song of Songs 5:2,Psalm 16:7. You are now not trying to restart the day. Instead you continue into something new.

3. Rejoicing and thanksgiving -1 Thessalonians 5

Heaven’s  language. HS’ master key with which he is able to open the door which gives you the way out of the vortex that you’re trapped in. Helps you get out of your vortex. Habakkuk 3:J 7-J 9.

Practically it’d look like thanking God and singing a song IN THE MIDST of your pain, joy, troubles, on a DAILY BASIS. Rejoicing and thanks giving will enrich the root of your life.

In the middle of a famine or drought, YOUR root will be supplied with the water of the word.

It’ll express your faith. In the middle of a storm of difficult situation you choose to be thankful.

It will the end the battle of your mind. Begins to change the thinking of my mind.

It IS  Essence of effective prayer. Philippians 4. It is the door to His presence! Becomes an EASY door to His presence.

We then learn to dwell in His abiding presence.

You SEE the table he has prepared through the smoke of the battle in the presence of your enemies!!

These measures are mustard seeds. But we will end up having a tree growing in our house. And we keep under estimating the mustard seeds.

Throughout the day we are wearing linen garments (Ezekiel 44:17 priest reference). Righteousness, peace and joy begins to grow.

Nature of the world around us is always subject to the presence of God flowing through you.

Jesus, Paul, Peter all proved it!

If I begin to walk down this road, I will begin to love with mercy and truth. Even when they are being offensive or difficult. Romans5:5 HS pours into our hearts the love of God.This is love that discerns. Not love without discernment.

Suddenly God will become my sufficiency, resource, my provision.

Cares of the world choke out God’s word (Mark 4:J9)doesn’t become a problem.

Work and earning a living becomes no longer important. God Becomes my exceedingly     great reward and shield.

Genesis J 5:J

“To crave, to covet, to grasp with greed is to pull into your life out of sea son and out of sequence things God planned to reward you with, which now battles your affections and resists the Kingdom.”

I will begin to speak and the words will become spirit and life and my tongue will be tamed.

The more your tongue is tamed the more You become at eleios (perfect) man.

James 3:2. Your spirit man is linked to your vocal cords.

Once I follow these steps; I will now refuse to hide behind culture-denominational or whatever, I’ll stop it and give it voice.

As we begin to Engage in thanks giving  and rejoicing, words aren’t empty or sawdust.

Times we are entering into – angelic activity-Psalms  J 03:20. When we actually begin to speak things we have heard in the throne room because we have what it is to abide in His presence, we won’t have to repeat it too often. We can impose a military peace and go back to rest.

Begin to discover and begin to be governed by the majesty of God-God’s sovereign,God king, God supreme, God Lord, starting place for confidence is majesty.

That is what makes us people go where normal go and do what normal people wouldn’t do.Isaiah 6-immediate response “E     will go”. Matthew 17,Peter James,John. Later in 2 Peter 1:6

Revelation 1:14 John writes what the future looks like.

Daniel in 7:14. Changes the course and history Of nations.

Ezekiel in 1:26-28.

I serve at your command and pleasure. Doesn’t matter how foolish it looks! This is what we are being called into.

Genesis 15 Abraham.

Moses entering the tent of the meeting and sees Yahweh in all his glory and splendor and he can never be the same again.

We are Talking about changes in a post covid world? It is Impossible if you don’t first DISCOVER the majesty of God and Then be GOVERNED by the majesty of God.

Acts 26, Paul recounting his conversion to Agrippa.

We have to come out richer, kinder, holier post covid.

All this is done from the Perspective of the king Himself.

What is it to be governed by the majesty? And then what is it to be walking in one with the King of Kings?