LUKE 2:22-35

  • You are the temple – the locus of God’s presence – the table across which God-exchanges and God-encounters will take place – affecting lives around you through December.
  • There are no coincidences this month – there are only encounters. Engage people and let them see the Father through the life of the Son in you.
  • Live in expectancy. Expectancy is voided if it does not seek, recognize and speak.
  • The end game is restoration. God loves restoring what He has created. What area of you life are you going to ask God to restore? And may you be used to restore others – see Isaiah58:12.
  • Like Simeon – hear God; recognize that the Spirit of God is upon you; seek what the Spirit may want to reveal every morning; be moved and led by the Spirit – and be where God is 2:25-28.
  • Gods activity and the Holy Spirit’s choreography of your life is dependent on your obedience.