1. Idolatry is reducing God to something you can grasp, can use, and can control
  2. Those who make them or trust in them are like them – dull to the truth, worldly, open to false spirits and divination, prone to deadness of organs – and unable to understand the Bible – regardless of whether object of worship is a pagan god, animals, Mary or Jesus.
  3. Idolatry is the activity of the human heart – and is not limited to bowing before a statue.
  4. An idol is conceived in the heart – evolves in the mind – and is then evidenced in the value and honor given to creatures and the created.1:23
  5. Covetousness is closely linked to idolatry3:5.It stems from a desire to possess more of what someone else may have….a craving that must be gratified; I Cor.10:7-14
  6. Covetousness – leads to discontentment, testing God and having him serve or prove Himself to us and sexual immorality or lust – the out-workings of idolatry
  7. When there is an obsession with unimportant things – beware of the beginnings of idolatry
  8. When God and people are forgotten or displaced in the pursuit of a good thing – beware of idolatry
  9. When good things become an exclusive right or demand that must be met – it may be idolatrous.
  10. Good things becoming idolatrous when its absence or loss ruins our trust in the goodness of God.
  11. Beware of idols in your life – because of the wrath of God on idolatry. You shall not make for yourself idols or images – for I the Lord your God am a jealous God. Ex 20:3-5
  12. 1:9You turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God and to wait for his Son from heaven whom he raised from the dead – Jesus – who delivers us from the wrath to come.
  13. Secondly – I10:20-22What pagans sacrifice they offer to demons – Do not be participants with demons – as those who partake of sacrifices are participants at the altar. You can’t banquet with the Master one day and slum with demons the next day.
  14. For food offered to idols – read I 10:25-33from the Message Bible