1. Things in front of you compete with His Presence. 3:2– Don’t be absorbed with things in front…set your heart on what is going around Christ…..

  2. Otherwise, circumstances get inflated beyond actual proportions…and your thinking will always lead you somewhere…..

  3. Find out – and quickly agree with how God sees you and the situation – and you will bring yourself into alignment with divine interventions and encounters!

  4. Your primary ministry every day is to let God touch you – so that you can know Him and make Him known.

  5. In heaven, you are beloved, favored, always present before God. Never forget this context of His relationship with you.

  6. Many of us hope in God. But it is not enough. It must be hope and faith. Hope springs from the promise of God. Faith is a response to the character of God. Eg. Moses 7:1; Ps.103:7