1. Open Heaven is not a place, event or portal – its you!! You are God’s house – the gate of heaven!

  2. 28:17– Be the ladder on earth – and let the Kingdom of Heaven ascend and descend.

  3. You owe the world a life filled with the Holy Spirit – if people are to encounter God. Acts 10:38

  4. Stop flip-flopping between the gate of heaven and the gateway of the earth and the devil – as  Peter did in 16:17,23

  5. Train to live lives free of the love of fame, money and recognition.

  6. Lay your family, possessions, work and money at the foot of Christ and His Body – the church.

  7. Move from maintaining your distinction, your saltiness…to mixing with rotting meat.

  8. 5:13Salt bringing out God-flavors; light bringing out God-colors of this earth…

  9. Become increasingly confident of the good news of the risen King and His Kingdom – which is God’s exclusive method of transformation 1:14

  10. Use prayer, the prophetic and your gifts to access and prise lives open.

  11. Confer worth and pull treasure out of trash – to restore the image of man in Christ.

  12. Use unrighteous mammon to make friends in the world.

  13. Go – If Elijah does not go…people won’t decide; the widow will die, the son won’t be raised, Jezebel won’t be deposed, Elisha won’t be anointed and Jehu won’t be crowned. I 18

  14. Use the example of your life to model what it is – to have God living with you. Deposit what you have been entrusted with in the generations coming up after you 2 1:13

  15. Notice the order in28:17The house of God first – then the gate of heaven!

  16. 2:3; Eph.1:22– the world is peripheral to the church – Christ’s body – in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence.

  17. Be a living stone in God’s house – if you want to be the gate of His presence (heaven) on earth.

  18. 24:7Ancient doors open (and ancient demonic doors shut) when the church recognizes her role as the gate of heaven – instead of creating portals for heaven to visit earth

  19. 3:10It is through the church that the mystery of Christ and His many splendored wisdom hidden for ages – is made plain to principalities and powers.