1. What Is Jesus Doing?16:18 He is building His church from Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria to the ends of the earth
  2. Jesus is building His church: a people redeemed by the finished work of Christ – called out of the world by God – transformed into carriers of His Nature and Spirit – sent back into the world by the Spirit – to represent Christ, proclaim and demonstrate the Kingdom and call men into the Kingdom openly – making disciples of all nations.
  3. Are you part of a church that meets in a building on sunday – or a part of building the church?
  4. How is the Lord Jesus building His church ? Acts 2:46, 47
  5. He is building His church daily – not just on Sundays. He is building His church in homes – not just public spaces. He is building His church numerically of those being saved and discipled.
  6. What is our role?
  7. Acts 2:42, 43 – they continued in apostle’s teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayers
  8. Get rooted and planted in teaching – Eph.4:14.
  9. Manage your life and family > “open” your home > mature into leaders
  10. Identify your unique role in the body: engaging your talents, gifts, grace, vocation, calling and vision – in love Eph.4:16
  11. Reflect Christ to the watching world as a community or counter-culture – attracting many to Christ – with your good works, homes and lives Mt.5:16.
  12. Go – and proclaim the good news – authenticated by your lives, making disciples of all nations – baptizing them into the body Mt.28:19….