God began by giving Adam a family. Jesus was placed in a family. Eph.3:15 shows the family as a fundamental building block.

The church then is a Family of families that runs the business of the Kingdom profitably.It is a 24/7 community forged by the Spirit – defining function, life-work,  location,relationships, direction, stewardship, order, support…

“It has a Mt.28:19 mission – run by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”

The church is God’s distribution system here on earth – equipping and furnishing good works, good lives and good homes – and authenticating the proclamation of good news across nations.

This community is to be more central than our families, than our ethnic heritage, than our national heritage. It is to become the heart of our lives now.

There is no such thing as following Christ individually, outside His community – because there is no such thing as Jesus Christ outside or separated from  His Body. He indwells it.

“This is Christ’s design for His body – and for Acts 29”