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We must return from the wilderness steeped in the CULTURE of son ship. Not just being sons. A COLLECTIVE way of thinking, speaking,response. In the wilderness, the Devil tried to sabotage son ship.Twice!-Luke 4:3,Luke 4:9. Son ship is challenged in the wilderness. Israel came out of the wilderness as orphans. Jesus came out more a […]


Summary:- Church needs to prepare for a post covid landscape. One of the ways-withdrawing into the wilderness as Jesus did.How? By Drawing aside-so God can be revealed like never before. So we need to return with power to seed or restore the post covid landscape, we return with a fresh revelation of God. So when […]


Psalm 8:2 TPT – childlike worship. Luke 7:47-extravagant love cuz you’ve been forgiven much. Combine the above-you get the kind of worship that God enjoys. Starting point for all confidence is – Majesty. We are following the HS into the wilderness preparing for the soon coming post covid world. Plan is to draw aside-(means different […]


Since Wilderness 40, we followed the Spirit of God into the wilderness. The plan is to return in 40 days and nights very dependent on God clothed with power, ready for a new phase in September. God will then begin to contour what a post covid landscape looks like on earth. He will also tell […]

Expect to Experience

♦ Expect to experience a surge in the presence & power of the HS ♦ Expect to throw down a staff and pick up a serpent. Expect to throw things that are my security and now picking up things that I am afraid of.Unafraid. ♦ Expect to be nomadic in following the pillar of cloud […]


♦ It is a place that we have been invited to. ♦ It is a place of provision, not a place where you shrivel &die. ♦ It is a place where you find an overwhelming revelation of God. Roll up your sleeves, consecrate  yourself for you will come out of this with an overwhelming revelation […]


Romans 11:16 – if the first batch of dough is holy, the rest will be holy Sometimes one just has to release what God is saying for a small church and it will affect the global Church. Next 40 days, will poise the church for a new beginning in terms of the role of the […]


What Is Jesus Doing?16:18 He is building His church from Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria to the ends of the earth Jesus is building His church: a people redeemed by the finished work of Christ – called out of the world by God – transformed into carriers of His Nature and Spirit – sent back […]


The King is for His people. He is against the oppressor. He is a mighty Man of war. He brings prisoners into freedom. When you are persuaded that this is the nature your King – you see the Christ in you subduing and dethroning other kingdoms and its rulers. As emissaries of the King – you are […]


Open Heaven is not a place, event or portal – its you!! You are God’s house – the gate of heaven! 28:17– Be the ladder on earth – and let the Kingdom of Heaven ascend and descend. You owe the world a life filled with the Holy Spirit – if people are to encounter God. Acts […]


Things in front of you compete with His Presence. 3:2– Don’t be absorbed with things in front…set your heart on what is going around Christ….. Otherwise, circumstances get inflated beyond actual proportions…and your thinking will always lead you somewhere….. Find out – and quickly agree with how God sees you and the situation – and you […]


Idolatry is reducing God to something you can grasp, can use, and can control Those who make them or trust in them are like them – dull to the truth, worldly, open to false spirits and divination, prone to deadness of organs – and unable to understand the Bible – regardless of whether object of worship […]


Idolatry is reducing God to something you can grasp, can use, and can control Those who make them or trust in them are like them – dull to the truth, worldly, open to false spirits and divination, prone to deadness of organs – and unable to understand the Bible – regardless of whether object of worship […]


When you are spiritually complacent you instantly begin to degenerate. 1:32 1:12 At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps and punish those who are complacent, who are like wine left on its dregs, who think, ‘The Lord will do nothing, either good or bad Complacency is violent. It brings into your life a spirit […]


 LUKE 2:22-35 You are the temple – the locus of God’s presence – the table across which God-exchanges and God-encounters will take place – affecting lives around you through December. There are no coincidences this month – there are only encounters. Engage people and let them see the Father through the life of the Son […]


Gal 4:4-7Doesn’t that privilege of intimate conversation with God make it plain that you are not a slave, but a child? And if you are a child, you’re also an heir, with complete access to the inheritance.” I begin as The Father’s child; I learn the Father’s heart; I operate as the Father’s son For unto […]


The Father’s heart is unchanging. Do I know Him? Can I say like David – The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. The moment we say “lack nothing” – we immediately think of “measurables” and see God thru the deficits in our life. God created us with 7 essentials He planned to provide : […]


Put off – your old self, the old man– which belongs to your former manner of life – and is corrupt through deceitful desires 4:22; Col.3:9; Rom.6:6 Put on – the new self –created after the likeness of God – in true righteousness and holiness – being renewed in knowledge – according to the image of Him who did […]


A disciple is appointed to a distinct lifestyle. As you are found faithful in these – you are appointed to new responsibilities in the Kingdom APPOINTED TO FOLLOW Matt 4:18-19 And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea….Then He said…”Follow […]