Resting In God

Resting In God

It’s hard for us as humans to enter into a place of rest. I don’t mean sleep, sleep is easy. I mean a life where u don’t stress or worry about what’s next. A life where u put your whole trust in God knowing he’s got the perfect plan for u. As it says in Jeremiah 29 verse 11. 

A little more than a year ago God really tested me in this area. He asked me to uproot my life, move away from my city and plant new roots in Vancouver. He said trust me that I will take care of u. So I did, I moved. 

We are taught from childhood, by the people around us, to strive and work for everything. But God doesn’t want that to be our lifestyle. God wants us to depend on Him so He can take very good care of us. This is resting in God.

At first my natural instinct throughout the move was to find myself a job and a place to live. But God said don’t worry about it. I asked u to move, I promise I’ll take care of u. And He told me this through a dream.

So the dream starts out with me sitting in church and my pastor calls me up to the front of the church and we go out the double doors in the front. We step out onto the patio that’s there and there is a little wall at the edge and a cliff on the other side of the wall. My pastor asks me to stand on the ledge, so I do. He grabs my ankles and tells me to lean out a little, so I do. “Farther,” he says so I lean farther, past being able to hold myself. And just as I think he’s gonna pull me back he lets me go. As I’m falling, I realize I’m not going to hit the ground because I know God is gonna catch me. And before I hit the ground I wake up.

So after that I left it to Him to take care of me. And after letting go of my worries I felt so much peace. I was truly at rest even though I didn’t have a place to live or a job.

“How can I do this?” you might ask. “How can I live a life without worry and stress?” This can only be accomplished by doing what God says, not any more not any less.

For me, it was a very strange but satisfying feeling, knowing that I don’t have the usual things people do when they move—like a place to live or a job—but knowing God will take care of it. Before this, I’d never heard of someone suddenly moving to a new city for “no reason,” let alone experienced it myself. But in doing what God said, no more no less, I had never felt so much peace about not knowing. And that was truly amazing for me.

This is how Jesus lived his life. He always did exactly as the Father said, because he completely trusted the Father. That’s why he was able to sleep in the back of a boat while he was in the middle of a huge storm. That seems like a man at rest to me.