Reckless Love

Reckless Love

His love for me is love without expectations.
His love for me is to bring me back home.
His love is love unfathomable, love unexplainable, and pure.
His love pulled me out of the miry clay and made me His heir.
His love for me is rejoicing over me.
His love for me shakes the heavens and breaks my chains.
His love for me paid my price.
He loved me first.
His love casts out my fears & shame.
His love for me is why He hung on the Cross.
He will not think twice before taking chances for me.
His love doesn’t come with conditions.
His love dives deep with me into my sickness, my pain, my shame, my guilt, and doesn’t leave me alone.
His love will find me in my deepest trench & highest peak.
His love will part seas and open heavens for me.
His love is arms wide open to hold me back again.
His love leaves the 99, just to find me.
His love never leaves me nor forsakes me.
Yes, His love for me is reckless!!

This comes from a deep place in my heart!

A place that was not worthy of love, a place of brokenness, a place where no man would care to visit, a place of failure and orphanhood.

But that place was visited by Christ, where the grave became garden, where mourning changed to dancing, where an orphan became a son!

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