God Is My Satisfaction

God Is My Satisfaction

I thought I knew what life is about
I dwelled in the darkness and called it light
But my true light was choked out
I was entwined in sin and rooted to death- wielding passions

But You, God, saw me with Your loving eyes
You tracked me vigilantly – I am never out of Your sight.
You called me out.
You know my name.
You took Your hands
and you lifted me out
and you dusted me off
and you restored my eyes.
And my heart.
You untethered me from decay and death.

You smashed the fortress that imprisoned me and set me free!
You cleaned me up
and made me brand new!
Lord, You robed me in righteous garment
so I can come before You blameless
and feast at your table with You.

Who am I, Lord, that You handpicked from the field of destruction?
Who am I, Lord, that You brought back from the brink of death?
Who am I, Lord, that You call Your own,
that You call “My Daughter”?
That You beckon for me to come?

No longer do I say, “Where is my God?”
No longer do I pine for what is mine.
No longer does death rule my mind and soul.
No longer do curses come from my mouth.
No longer do I rebel against my Love.
No longer do I fear or hate.

The LORD He delights in me,
He is exuberant
and He is excited to fill me with good things.
He thrills to fight for me
and guide me by the hand.

You are so good, Father!
Your loving kindness gives me life and hope.
Your wisdom fills my days with gladness.
With You, You alone, I have everything.
With You, You alone God, I am satisfied.
I look forward to all my days with gladness and sweet anticipation.